The Lazy Mentor's Reference Journal
"If you're not embarrassed by your offer, then you offered too much"


Welcome to The Lazy Mentor

I should begin by stating that I wasn't always so lazy.  But rather I had to struggle and aspire to become this lazy.  Needing money to survive, and having to work for money, has always seemed a damned inconvenience.  I don't know where people find the time. <YAWN>

That being said, I do enjoy investing, starting new business ventures, and buying smart.  I think of them as fun learning experiences as opposed to "jobs" or "work".


This site is brand new, but soon within these pages you will find a lifetime of experiences.  Where I succeeded and where I failed.  How I was able to own a horse and a Mercedes Benz at age 13 (had to wait 3 years to drive it), and lots of "Get Rich" schemes.  Most of which ended in disaster.  I've tried several over the years, and will try to explain the good and bad points of each, as well as some talk on the different Gurus.

I've dabbled in stocks, gold. antiques, eBay, and several services.  Explored patents and copyrights for a while.  Real Estate is also a passion of mine. I bought my first rental at 19 with an A+ Credit Rating, and built myself a 3000sf home at age 22.

Now, twenty years later, I have many tales to tell and lots of great resources to post, so stay tuned.  Also, if you pay close attention, you will see many philosophies on different money matters.

My latest endeavor is building websites.  First as a hobby enthusiast, and now as a potential business.  I am not selling you anything.  I don't have a book, newsletter, program, or secret system.  I don't even want your email address.  This is simply a venue for me to tell my stories and experiment with a new medium.  More on that as we progress. Perhaps we can learn together.  I am not a computer wiz, so don't be surprised if this site is redesigned a few times over coming months.


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