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Real Estate Investing Forums




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Real Estate Investing Forums

Discussion Boards are a great way to mingle with like-minded investors.  You can ask questions, examine other techniques, and gripe about your tenants.  Here are some of the most popular forums on the web.

The Advanced Real Estate Investor
AIREO's Bulletin Board
CRE Online Real Estate Investing Discussion Board Real Estate Forum
Carleton Sheets/No Money Down Forum
Commerical Real Estate Investing
Ray Como's House Buying Kingdom on REIdepot
Ray Como's House Buying Kingdom on MSN
The Creative Investor: Forums
Deal Makers News Groups On Commercial Real Estate
Dealmakers Cafe: Discussion Forums Community Forums
First Time Real Estate Investor Forum
Foreclosure Discussion Forum Foreclosure Focus Foreclosure Talk Forums Board
Landlording Forum

Landlords Helping Landlords
Land.Net Discussion Forum
Lease Option Forum Forums
Creative Financing for Investing
MasterMind Forums
Mortgage Grapevine
Mr. Real Estate FORUM
The Naked Investor
NARS Creative RE Financing Discussion Board
National Real Estate Association News Group Newsgroup
Real Estate
Real Estate Investing Financing
Real Estate Investing Legalities forum
Real Estate Talk
Rehabbing Forum Message Boards
REi Tool Belt Real Estate investing discussion forums
Russ Whitney: Discussion Boards
Saniche Forum Message Boards
Sub 2 Message Boards
Texas Real Estate Club Real Estate Talk
U.S. Land Company: General Real Estate Investing Forum
WFMO Real Estate Finance Board
Wholesaling Forum
Wholesaling and Marketing

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