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Showing Apartments


Apartment No-Shows & Drive-Offs

"Help -  I really need to get a unit in a duplex rented, and it's just not moving even though I get plenty of calls."

Well, there are several possible scenarios for this.  I assume the ad lists the area, number of bedrooms, and the rent.  Your ad is effective, because you get lots of calls.  So what is your biggest problem after you give the address and further info?

1. People don't want to see it.
Usually this means that they don't like the area or are looking for something that you lack.  Maybe a garage, yard, pets allowed, washer/dryer hookups, etc.  Make sure your ad gives as much or more info than other ads.

2. People say they will drive by, but never call back.
I always encourage people to drive by and call back if they like it. Saves me a lot of time.  They may have a list of several properties and just stop looking when they find one they like.  Or there may be something unappealing to them about the property or the neighborhood.


3. People make appointments, but don't show up.
As said, I always ask them to drive by first, unless they are familiar with the street.  If they have not seen it, they may not be serious enough to show up.  Or some may show up but never actually get out of the car, because they find it unattractive and just keep on driving.  It's amazing how rude and flakey most people are..  It is very rare for a no-show to call to cancel or reschedule.  I find it beneficial to have a picture of the property on the web, so they can see it in advance.  Have a friend visit the property and tell you what needs improving.  Curb appeal is half the battle.

Also, it's helpful to schedule several appointments at once.  I'll try to schedule 3 or 4 for the same time and hope that 2 or 3 show up.  I tell everyone to meet me Wednesday at 6:00.  If they say they can't make it, I tell them to call me Thursday for the next showing.  If it's not rented,, I'll set the next group up for Saturday at 2:00  If I'm making a special trip for one single prospect, I'll tell them to call me and reconfirm 30 minutes before the agreed time.

4. People show up, but don't fill out the application.
Some are just window shopping.  But most of the time, there is something inside that they don't like.  Again, ask a friend "if you lived here, what would be the first thing you'd change?"

5. People fill out the application, but have terrible credit or references.
Beware of those who are over enthusiastic.  They may be playing you because they've been rejected several times or are being kicked out of there current apartment.  And don't let appearances fool you.  I've seen college professors with terrible credit and garbage men with spotless records.  Clothes and careers don't reflect personal integrity or responsibility.  Plus, raising the rent a little will sometimes weed out a few of the deadbeats.  Certain price ranges seem to attract them.

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